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Improved very low noise and low input capacitance amplifier system

Robotic Collision Avoidance Sensor 

8 sensor pads with USB, output, long range >1.8m,

Uses: Vehicle Guidance, Parking Aid, People Security Detection

High Frequency and High Voltage Constant Current Sources

Liquid or Powder Sensor -

single or 4-128 sensors can look through plastic window and measure moisture and level

Fish Sensor -

Sensor at bottom of stream measures depth of water and conductivity as well as counts fish, determines direction of passage and measures fish length

Blind Spot Detector -

Sensors for side and back of lorries and buses as a driving/parking aid and to detect cyclists

Measures in atto farad range (1 millionth of a pF)

Range from micrometres up to ten metres

Looks through non and low-conductive solids

Looks through conductive paints, primers and inks

Non-contact moisture measurement

Non-contact chemical identification

USB comm's link and USB memory stick Data Logging

  Sensatech Designs Ltd develops, produces and supplies custom electronic non-contact sensing solutions primarily based on capacitive and electric field sensing techniques. Applications range from simple or remote proximity switches to non-invasive determination of the shape, position and material characteristic of three-dimensional objects.

Some examples are:

To measure the size of a child's foot using an array of 1500 sensor pads

To detect a person through a door or the wall of a room invisibly

To sense through a plastic housing the passage of small 0.5mm blades or indentations moving at very high speeds <.5uS typically up to 7mm gap

To measure the position of a target object or liquid level while removing the effects of a conductive film or liquid coating the container

To determine the position and shape of objects at a range of several meters using a linear array of sensors

To determine the position and shape of target objects inside a material i.e. defects in carbon fibre composites, anti-personnel mines in soil

These sensors can operate in harsh environments i.e. high radiation, high or low temperature, exposure to water, ice and corrosive chemicals

Over the years Sensatech Designs Ltd have solved many and varied sensing applications for  automotive, industrial, nuclear, and government bodies. This web site should give you a flavour of the range of skills, experience and solutions available to you from Sensatech Research personnel.

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