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Sensatech devices are active in a number of sensor applications.

This section lists some of those applications and provides more detail to their specific area of operation.

Please visit our other website which contains more technical information on specific areas of application.

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Potato pieces detection
Drying/Moisture Detection
Solder Wave Height Control
Collision Avoidance
Hazardous Environment Monitoring
Non-contact Mapping - Tomography
Turbo Speed Sensor
Scissor Lift Safety Sensor
Operator Triggered 'Dead-Man' Switches
Fish Detection


Non-contact Light Switches
Touch Pad Controls
Home Security Proximity Detection

Medical and Human             Constant Current Source
             Cardiac Monitor
             Tooth Decay Sensor
             Cell Analysis
             Hand Position Sensor
             Head Position Sensor


Sensatech have developed a capacitive sensor specifically for use on commercial or public service vehicles as a collision warning device.

A version of the unit is intended as a reversing sensor. This is activated when the driver engages reverse gear. The sensor alerts the driver to many of the possible dangers, which may be invisible behind their vehicle, by sounding an audible alarm.

Capacitive sensors have advantages over the more frequently used ultrasonic devices for this application.

A fundamental difference is that a capacitive sensor is a field sensing device rather than a beam sensing device and as such is free from blind spots which can occur between beam lobes. For instance, our sensors are able to look through materials so a sensor could be placed internally behind the bumper of a vehicle without the need for external holes which ultrasonic devices require.

Capacitive sensors also exhibit low sensitivity to target material type and orientation. A wire fence for example would be detected as reliably as a brick wall by a capacitive device whereas a beam device may have difficulty detecting it at all.

Retail Industry

The Clarks International "Foot Gauge" is a non-contact sensing system, developed by Clarks International and Sensatech, which measures human feet. This allows for correct shoe fitting and matching suitable footwear to retail customers.

The sensor arrays map each foot and software produces a measurement of each foot. These arrays each comprise of more than 2000 individual electrodes. Signal processing takes into account that only the sole of the foot is in contact with the mat and the widest and longest parts of each foot are not in direct contact with the sensor array.

Specialist software was created to do the reverse transform on the capacitive data to recreate the shape of the target object.

By including sensor within the carpet or within display stands, a system can record the movements of people throughout the retail environment. This would provide analysis of the movement and the amount of people from when they enter the shop to when they leave.

Also, capacitive systems can be used as an anti-theft mechanism. Any object will alter the electric field of the sensor. When that object is moved the sensor will respond.



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