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Signal Processing

Sensing Techniques Comparison


To evaluate how to proceed with designing a particular solution we will need to establish some characteristics of the problem;

  • Temperature, ambient and variations

  • Gas environment

  • Ambient humidity/water levels/IP requirement

  • Condensing atmosphere?

  • Airborne dirt and dust

  • Ambient EMC levels, EMC emissions

  • Ambient radiation levels, Radiation hardened solutions?

  • Acid/chemical environment

  • Vibration and vibration withstand ability requirement

  • Shock and shock withstand ability requirement

  • Pressure

  • Supply voltage & stability

  • The target material or object to be detected, measured or sensed

  • The range of the target from the sensing elements

  • The characteristic of the target to be detected or measured

  • Any materials required to be detected through or around

  • Any mechanical, installation or housing requirements

  • Integration with systems or actuators?



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