Automotive Passenger Car Industry

Electronic sensing and control is finding greater application within passenger vehicles, starting on higher value models with key elements filtering down to mid range vehicles. Driven by safety regulations and intense competition, electronics such as air bag control, ABS, Traction control and the such like have found an increasing market amongst passenger car makers in recent years.

Capacitive and electric field sensing is of interest for reversing sensor and collision avoidance applications in passenger cars. Capacitive reversing, anti-collision sensors, initially conceived and developed by Sensatech, and undergoing ongoing refinement by their specialist automotive partner, have been fitted and tested on various passenger cars. Capacitive sensors permit the projection of a field behind the vehicle with few blank areas or blind spots.

This can be used to warn drivers of hazards they may not be able to see from inside the vehicle. (see also: reversing sensor)

Because of the ability of capacitive and electric field sensing techniques to detect non metallic targets they may be suitable for a number of other automotive applications including:

  • Detection of human presence for air bag activation.
  • Use as non-contact or no touch switches throughout the car.
  • Water detection on windshield (windscreen) for automatic wiper activation.

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