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Sensatech have developed a capacitive sensor specifically for use on commercial or public service vehicles as a collision warning device.

A version of the unit is intended as a reversing sensor. This is activated when the driver engages reverse gear. The sensor alerts the driver to many of the possible dangers, which may be invisible behind their vehicle, by sounding an audible alarm.

The unit will emit a slow beep when an object is detected at 90cm, a faster beep when the object is detected at 60cm and a continuous tone when the object is detected at 30cm or closer.


Capacitive sensors have advantages over the more frequently used ultrasonic devices for this application.

A fundamental difference is that a capacitive sensor is a field sensing device rather than a beam sensing device and as such is free from blind spots which can occur between beam lobes.

Capacitive sensors also exhibit low sensitivity to target material type and orientation. A wire fence for example would be detected as reliably as a brick wall by a capacitive device whereas a beam device may have difficulty detecting it at all.


Three sensing zones.
Insensitive to object material or orientation.
Clearly defined ranges.
Could face forward or backward.
A "field" not "beam" device.

Currently under further development for passenger car usage with a specialist automotive partner, Sensatech and their partner feel the capacitive collision warning sensor has significant advantages over the ultrasonic beam system in use on some current luxury models.

If you have applications for Commercial vehicles, Truck, Bus or any other application do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

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