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Collision avoidance - Machine guarding

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To enable collision avoidance, a sensor system must detect the proximity of hazardous objects that may cause a collision, in a way sufficient to allow evasive action to be taken.

Detecting if an object is getting closer or further away allows the threat of a collision to be established i.e. if the risk of collision is getting greater or smaller.

Sensors used for collision avoidance therefore must provide analogue proximity measurements of various possible hazards.

Capacitive or electric fields can be thrown like a protective zone, around an object. Such a system can detect objects coming into proximity which may cause imminent collision such that evasive action can be taken.

If multiple fields are used, the position of the threatening object may be established as well as its proximity.

Potential Applications:

  • Automotive (Car, Van, Truck, Bus) - reversing sensor
  • Docking bay - protection system
  • Robot arm - protection system
  • Automated shelving - safety system
  • Hazardous Machinery - safety system

See also: Reversing Sensor

4cm diameter post nears a capacitive sensor
A post approaches a capacitive sensor
11cm diameter post nears a capacitive sensor
Second larger post nearing a capacitive sensor.

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