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Invasive non contact 3d mapping is the process of looking inside something without physically penetrating the surface of that object or material.

This process requires the use of an array to generate the 3d view of the target.
Capacitive and electric fields can penetrate non metallic materials (invasive).
Non-contact because transmit and sense electrodes do not require physical contact with the surface of the material to transmit electric field onto and into the material.

Fields produced by the sensor are transmitted through the material and received by sensors in the array. Changes in material consistency or objects embedded in the material disturb the electric field, which is detected by sense electrodes.

Taking many views of sections of the material using arrays, allows a picture to be built up of the internal topography of the material.

Possible applications:
Landmine detection.
Non destructive testing.
Detecting corrosion on inner surfaces of containers.

See also: 3d shapes - detection and or measurement

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