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The moisture measurement sensing requirement is often the need to detect levels of moisture in a particular material without being able to contact it to permit control of a drying process.

Measuring moisture content allows control of the drying process such that drying is carried out until a specific level of moisture content is achieved rather than for a fixed time period.

Standard domestic tumble dryers have for many years simply used timers to set the duration of their drying cycle. Drying time and energy requirement can vary considerably depending on ambient air humidity, the dampness of the clothes to be dried and the temperature of drying. Using "one time fits all" in anything other than ideal conditions, is likely to result in either a waste of energy or clothes that have not been thoroughly dried.

In industry, moisture content of a material can effect it's ability to successfully be processed by some subsequent task. Fine drying control may be required to maintain quality of production as well as control the costs involved.

Capacitive sensing is very suitable for economic moisture measurement, water has a high dielectric value and is consequently easily detectable with capacitive techniques having as it does a significant effect on electric fields.

Required conditions for the application of capacitive sensing for moisture content measurement include a significant difference between the carrier material completely dry and 100% waterlogged. The type size, mass and density of the carrier material will have a bearing on this.


  • High speed high temperature extrusions: Sensatech have produced sensors for continual in process moisture measurement of an extruded material passing the sensor at high speed and in a high temperature environment. In this application the moisture content of the material had a significant correlation with the quality of the end product as it significantly affected the results from subsequent processes.
  • Soil moisture measurement: for irrigation control.

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