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Sensatech Research Ltd.

Sensatech Research develops, produces and supplies custom electronic non-contact sensing solutions primarily based on capacitive and electric field sensing techniques.

Using capacitive and electric field sensing as preferred techniques, Sensatech Research produces solutions for a wide range of applications from simple or remote proximity switches to complex systems comprising sensing arrays offering multi dimensional outputs.

Sensors and systems are produced which operate within hazardous and dangerous environments, others measure moisture content at high speed and high temperature on more normal industrial production lines.

Capacitive or electric field imaging or mapping systems, comprising multiplexed arrays of capacitive or electric field cells, generate non invasive images of target objects which may be embedded within or behind other materials and are detected non invasively.

Over the years Sensatech Research have solved many and varied sensing applications. This website should give you a flavour of the range of skills, experience and solutions available to you from Sensatech Research personnel.

Please take a couple of minutes to review it and do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiry.


  • Tomography,
  • Electric field communication links,
  • Matrixes of capacitive sensors,
  • High resolution gap measurement, to the order of less than 1/1000 of the starting gap.
  • High speed tip sensing,
  • Small sensors with coax cables,
  • Multiple sensor inputs,
  • Chemical tomography for medical diagnosis,
  • Dielectric measurement.

We welcome the challenge of new application problems. 5dec2006

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