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Sensatech's primary business is the development of custom electronic non-contact sensing solutions based on application specific needs, sometimes in very hazardous environments, where no standard sensors suit the application.

Sensatech are specialists in capacitive and electric field sensing techniques which allow construction of up to 3 dimensional complex sensing systems or inbuilt electromechanical sensing mechanisms and also microengineered systems with typical sensor size of 0.1mm pads as single sensors or in a matrix.

The first step in the process of solving a customer's requirement is to develop a specification for the sensing requirement, this is done through close consultation with the client and either site examination or examination of samples of materials and conditions involved.

Prototypes can be developed quickly to demonstrate the principles of a custom solution and assist the client in deciding the viability of a custom development.

Circumstances may permit a demonstration prototype to be presented based on an existing sensor. Ideal solutions will usually be customised and prototypes and custom development are usually directly customer funded with agreements where required in both directions on confidentiality and or disclosure.

Often the client's sensing problem may be costing them thousands of pounds in lost revenues, poor quality, increased energy costs or increased production labour cost, or it may be compromising workforce safety.

Initial discussions with Sensatech, proposals and or prototyping can establish whether a custom solution from Sensatech will viably solve the client's problem.

We welcome challenging sensing application problems, please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

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