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Each non-contact sensing technique has various characteristics including advantages and disadvantages depending on the sensing application.

Knowing more about your specific sensing application will allow faster response and a more accurate determination of a suitable solution.


  • Temperature, ambient and variations.
  • Gas environment
  • Ambient humidity / water levels / IP requirement.
  • Condensing atmosphere?
  • Airborne dirt and dust.
  • Ambient EMC levels.
  • Ambient radiation levels.
  • Acid / chemical environment.
  • Vibration and vibration withstand ability requirement.
  • Shock and shock withstand ability requirement.
  • Pressure.
  • Supply voltage & stability.
  • The target material or object to be detected, measured, or sensed,
  • The range of the target from the sensing elements.
  • The characteristics of the target, which are to be detected or measured.
  • Any materials required to be detected through or around.
  • Output modes preferred?
  • Any mechanical, installation or housing requirements.
  • Integration with systems or actuators?
  • How soon needed, how many needed?

Note: Sensatech do not imply that any of the above variables are necessarily problems for the application of capacitive or electric field sensing solutions. In personal discussion we can explain why capacitive sensors may provide the optimum solution for a particular application or when another technology may provide a more suitable solution.

Sensatech are aware of the pros and cons of various sensing techniques and because the signal processing is usually similar are able to consider a variety of front end detection elements to provide suitable solutions.

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