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Signal processing can be considered at least in part independently of sensing technique. Processing often is very similar across sensing techniques.

Simple signal processing may:

  • Store and switch an output at an adjustable set point.
  • Present absolute analogue values.
  • Feature multiple set points across an analogue range.
  • Incorporate various compensation inputs.
  • Incorporate various filtering to reduce noise or interference.
  • Incorporate numerous sensor inputs.
  • Be integrated with sensor amplifier circuits with the sensor elements.
  • Be physically remote from sensor elements.
  • Incorporate analogue to digital conversions or the inverse
  • Allow wider communication or information sharing with other devices.

Complex signal processing may incorporate software using:

Data collected from a Human Face above a capacitive sensor array
  1. Finite Element or difference software
  2. Fourier Analysis
  3. Custom analytic software

in order to develop a unique solution. For example if a matrix of capacitive sensors collects the data shown at right can we reconstruct the shape of the face that generated this data.

Or in the example below, of data generated by a metal cylinder suspended 4cm above a large capacitive array, can we reconstruct the shape of the cylinder with just as much accuracy on the remote side as we can achieve on the immediate facing side of the cylinder.

Data collected from a solid metal cylinder above a capactiive matrix

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