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Sensatech has developed non-contact or touch sensitive fully insulated light switches and dimmer units, which react to users signals without any external mechanical movement.
non contact light switch

With traditional electro mechanical light switches, users press a rocker switch to move mechanical contacts to make or break the light circuit.

Because the rocker switch physically moves, obtaining a water tight seal on standard light switches significantly increases switch cost, therefore standard unsealed switches are not suitable for use in bathrooms which feature high airborne moisture, risk of condensation, direct splashing or run off from wet users.

Where more than one traditional light switch is used, for example when ground floor switch and landing switches both independently switch the same light source, two pole switches are used with 4 core wiring, (earth, two live wires and neutral) this is more expensive than normal three core required for a single bulb and single pole switch.

A number of versions are already developed (All can be used in parallel so that an unlimited number of sensor panels can control one device):

Standard Switch

This mains rated single pole switch module responds to touch. Measuring only 19mm x 38mm x 14mm the unit is rated at 250W for non-inductive loads. It will operate through any non-conductive material, making it usable behind glass or while wearing gloves or protective clothing.

Smart Switch

The smart switch is a single pole touch sensitive switch that can be connected in parallel with an unlimited number of other smart switches to provide multi-point control of a load. The state of the load can be toggled from on to off or off to on from any point by touching the sensing surface. A typical use would be to control stairway or corridor lighting.

Smart timer

The touch sensitive timer offers multi-point touch sensitive control of a load with the added ability to automatically turn off the load after a predetermined time. The on time is customer programmable from 0.1 to 20 minutes.

Smart Dimmer

The touch sensitive dimmer switch offers all the advantages of the smart switch plus the ability to adjust the power level. The switch has three touch sensitive areas for up, down or on/off control. The power level is stored in memory when the switch is turned off so that the switch returns to its previous setting when switched

An alternative version controls power to the load by switching on for example one 20ms mains cycle out of ten.

Touch Sensitive
Dimmer Switch
Touch Sensitive Dimmer Light Switch
Touch Sensitive
2 way switches
Light Switch Touch Sensitive 2 way
Touch Sensitive
light switches
Light Switch Touch Sensitive

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