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A very common application for a sensor in the industrial sector, a proximity sensor simply detects when something comes into its proximity. Such a sensor, which gives a switched output on detecting something coming into proximity, is called a proximity switch.

There are standard proximity switches of many types on the industrial market today for general applications, including inductive, capacitive, optical, and ultrasonic types. Techniques will be more or less suitable depending on the target you want to detect and other environmental conditions of your application. Click here to see our comparison of sensing techniques.

Sensatech have not involved themselves in standard proximity switch manufacture which in some cases is presently a commodity type product, rather Sensatech concentrate on custom proximity switches where a standard switch is not available to solve the particular application.

Normally such a device would use the capacitive or electric field sensing technique, which is a Sensatech area of specialist expertise, but this need not be the case. If you have an application where proximity detection is required and cannot find a suitable standard device, please do contact Sensatech with your enquiry.

If the volumes of your requirement are sufficient you may not end up paying much more than would have been the case with a standard unit, even while getting a custom sensor.

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