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With the appointment of a specialist Don Young, Sensatech have expanded their sphere of work into micromachines including elements for micro sensors.

The current areas of work are in sensors constructed out of silicon by deposition and etching processes and in similar structures built out of plastics using rapid prototyping techniques using lasers and infra red hardened plastics.

This work carries on the emphasis of the last 50 years of continual miniaturisation of systems and machines, both to minimise the impact of existing machines and improve their behaviour but also to allow applications where size has previously stopped machines from making a contribution.

Pages in the Applications section:
3d shapes - detection and or measurement of
Collision avoidance - Proximity measurement
Electro-cardiography - Non contact
Environment - Hazardous
Environment - High temperature
Human anatomy - Foot gauge
Human anatomy - Light switch
Invasive, non-contact 3d mapping
Landmine detection
Liquid level detection
Micro machines
Moisture measurement
Powder or granule level detection
Proximity detection - Non contact
Proximity measurement - Analogue
Reversing Sensor
Robotic control and protection
Small targets at high speeds
Solder Wave height
Weighing cell

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