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The Clarks International "Foot Gauge" is a non-contact sensing system, developed by Clarks International and Sensatech, which measures human feet. This allows for correct shoe fitting and matching suitable footwear to retail customers.

In use within Clarks International shoe shops throughout the UK and Ireland, customers stand on a mat which positions their feet over two sensor arrays.

The arrays map each foot and software produces a measurement of each foot.

The system takes into account that feet may not be presented in exactly the same way each time, measures length and width, both of which are important for finding the right fit, especially where children's growing feet are concerned.

The two sensor arrays each comprise more than 2000 individual electrodes. Signal processing takes into account that only the sole of the foot is in contact with the mat and the widest and longest parts of each foot are not in direct contact with the sensor array.

Specialist software was created to do the reverse transform on the capacitive data to recreate the shape of the target object.

Clarks International specialist knowledge of human feet and shoes allowed them to create custom application software which converts data provided by the capacitive matrix, into ideal shoe size.

The Clarks Foot-Gauge makes taking customer shoe size easy.

This is important where fitting children's shoes, rather than simply allowing parents to self select their children's shoes, is central to Clarks selling proposition.

Clarks International "Foot Gauge" with Feedback Screen
Large Clarks International Footguage with Feedback Screen
Front view of small Clarks International "Foot Gauge" for shoe retailing applications
Front View of small Clarks International footguage for shoe retailing applications

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