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Weighing cell - sensing application

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Using capacitive sensing technology Sensatech are able to construct force sensors which are suitable for use as the sensing component of load cells.

Capacitive force cells can be constructed with a very thin package size. The cost is reduced by having a central electronics module accessing an array of force modules.

Sensatech feel that this offers manufacturers an opportunity to approach applications that may be outside the reach of traditional load cell techniques.

If you work in the load cell sector and would be interested in learning more and or potentially working with Sensatech on commercialisation of this technique, please do not hesitate to contact Sensatech at any time.

Capacitive force sensing could allow the integration of more than one function into smart sensor applications.

An example might be the detection of a three dimensional object such as a foot using one sensor array and a secondary measurement of weight distribution over the foot or absolute weight transmitted through the foot. While this may be of great interest within athletics training or the health care sector, no such commercial application has been located to date although the technology is available.

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