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Robots are increasingly used in industrial and other situations. Sometimes the use of robots allows the routine repetition of actions which the robot may have been taught by a human operator essentially in a "record and playback" mode.

In other applications robots carry out tasks for which they are completely controlled by a human operator. Sometimes there is an element of independent reasoning required by the electronic brain in control of the robot.

In many instances some sensory feedback for the robot allows improved operation, this may include:

Protection against collision with objects which may come into the robots area of operation:

Capacitive fields are suitable for use as protective invisible sensory barriers around extended robot arms which allow them to detect objects that they may otherwise collide with. NASA, the North American Space Agency uses their own capacitive technique which they call a "capaciflector" in their space program in such an application.

Feedback from a robotic grabber (hand):

As the grabber comes into proximity of an object it is to pick up, feedback on proximity to the object and perhaps force acquired from a capacitive force cell allow better control of the operation.

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