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To improve soldering quality and regulate energy usage this height sensor can be used to monitor the height of a solder wave in electronics manufacturing.

The solder wave height monitor is able to measure and display the height of a smooth or turbulent solder wave to an accuracy of ± 0.1mm. It can be fitted to all makes of wave soldering machine and can be linked into the pump control circuit to provide closed loop control of wave height.

A high precision capacitive sensor mounted above the wave surface is linked to conditioning electronics mounted up to 2m away. This allows the main control unit and display unit to be situated in a convenient location up to 10m away. A linearising algorithm within the control unit combined with a temperature stable reference capacitance in the conditioning electronics provides a highly reliable indication of absolute or relative wave height.


Relative or absolute height indication
Pre-settable high and low alarm limits
No-wave detection to avoid false alarms with wave off
Height resolution of 0.1mm
Height displayed as 2 digits (x.x)
May be linked to pump circuit to automatically control wave height
RS232/RS485 data output option
Button lockout to prevent tampering
All settings stored in non-volatile memory


Improved board quality
Reduced scrap rate & rework time
Rapid pay-back
Faster machine set-up times

Remote Sensing head for Solder Wave Height Sensor is heat resistant.
Solder wave height sensor head
Solder Wave Height Sensor Schematic
Solder Wave Height Sensor remote head assy
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