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Hazardous Environment - Sensing Application

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Measurements are required in many environments which can be considered "hazardous", including where there is / are:
  • Likelihood of exposure to radiation
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Risk of chemical contamination
  • Risk of explosion

Note: In the case of an environment where there is likelihood of exposure to nuclear radiation the environment is also hazardous to many electronic components.

Sensatech creates sensors for use in various hazardous environments through combinations of:

The use of construction materials which are compatible with the environment.
The use of remote sensing elements made from compatible materials with amplifier and processing electronics up to 15m away from the particular hazardous environment.
Hardened electronics using more than standard industrial grade components.

Applications occur throughout industry especially within the:
Nuclear reprocessing industry
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Drying or curing

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