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Sensatech is using electric field and capacitive sensing techniques in non-contact electro-cardiography. Initially for healthcare lab research, the technique and resulting sensor system allows non-invasive data collection from multiple points on the human body. This permits improved understanding of human heart conditions, and introduces the possibility of mass-screening.

This new method for non-contact cardiography will allow researchers to collect data more easily than traditional techniques have allowed because electrodes no longer need to be attached to the skin but can simply be placed in proximity to the skin to detect electrical activity beneath the skin's surface.

Traditional techniques have required abrasion of the skin's surface to obtain electrical contact, connecting multiple electrodes to someone by this traditional means is time consuming and therefore a costly and restrictive event within the data gathering research process.

Sensatech is working hard to ensure their design provides good high and low frequency response which is important for this application:

High frequency response is required for the QRS complex wave while good low frequency is required for P and T waves.

The sensor design is based on Sensatech's knowledge of using ultra-high input impedance amplifiers and physically remote sensor heads. The intended number of electrodes is sixteen to five hundred. Initially the shape and position of the body can be determined by a capacitive array. Then the non-contact cardiac measurements will be made. The processing of these two sets of data should significantly advance the science of body surface potential mapping (BPSM).

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