Electronics are starting to increase penetration in commercial vehicles including on truck, bus and public service vehicles. Reversing warning alarms have been mandated in a number of markets to reduce the risk posed by large vehicles reversing where the driver may have a limited field of view behind the vehicle.

Reversing sensor

Warning alarms are simply an audible warning given out by the vehicle to indicate it is reversing. A reversing sensor can provide an extra level of safety using capacitive sensing fields to detect and warn of an impending collision.

In this application a human, who might be invisible to the driver of the vehicle, is a good target for a capacitive based collision warning system mounted on the rear of the vehicle. The human body contains a large volume of water which is a very detectable target for capacitive sensors.

Docking Bay protection sensors

Capacitive systems could also be used to protect docking bays from collision by trucks reversing into a docking position. Damage to docking bays from reversing trailers can cause haulage organisations significant cost and inconvenience.

Vandal Proof Actuators

Perhaps for door actuation or other applications in passenger vehicles, non contact capacitive sensing techniques could offer alternative ways for user interaction with vehicles.

Presence detection

Safety for automatic doors could be enhanced by using capacitive fields emanating from the closing faces of doors. These could be used to detect if the door meets an unexpected obstacle. This could represent a person who may otherwise become trapped in an automatic door.

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