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The printing and copying industries have in large part embraced the electronic age from a history of manual typesetting and transfer printing, from chemical photography in the case of copying, to digital printing and photocopying or digital document scanning and reproduction.

Machines operating in printing and copying often transfer a powder like toner onto paper using electrostatically charged drums which is later fixed via a heat process.

This powdered toner is moved within the machinery from its container to the drum and thence onto paper. Levels of toner are critical to the operation of the machine. Capacitive sensing is a very suitable low cost solution for toner detection.

Paper is transferred around machines from storage trays to drums, perhaps via more storage trays to second side print operations, again some detection of paper presence is often needed and capacitive sensors can make a contribution to this sensing requirement with the potential added value over optical techniques which is that capacitive sensors can be used to for "double sheet detection", to detect if more than one sheet is being conveyed where perhaps only one was intended.

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