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Since the initial conceptualisation of the UK National Health Service at the end of the Second World War, expenditure on Healthcare has risen steadily year on year, not only in the UK but throughout the western industrialised world.

That growth has seen increasing use of non-invasive techniques to diagnose conditions, to permit focused and accurate "keyhole surgery" rather than large scale interventions, and to better understand the workings of the human body, its systems and brain activity from the outside.

Capacitive and electric field sensing is making a contribution in the areas of tomography, electro cardiography and non-invasive body potential mapping. For example Sensatech have developed a sensor capable of of measuring the ECG waveform non-contact at a distance greater than one centimetre.

Capacitive and electric field sensing offers solutions in heart monitoring, non contact cardiography, muscle activity monitoring and blood viscosity and is in use within machinery in the medical healthcare sector.

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