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The markets for domestic electrical and electronic products grows year on year. Household electronics may remain a growth sector for many years.

Technology companies have been dreaming up elements for so called "smart houses" for many years already. The key issue seems to be how fast and what specific item, the public will demand or accept next in order to ease and automate aspects of their domestic life.

Capacitive and electric field sensing will play a part in household automation, though in which applications it will be most successful remains to be seen.

Sensatech have developed a series of low cost light switches about which you can read here.

They are designed to fit with existing format light switch holders and faceplates. There is also a half size rectangular 0.75 inch by 1.5 inch variant which is conveniently stackable as an array. The devices have the following functionalities: on / off, timer, motor and oven controller and dimmer. They have the unique ability of any number being put in parallel, for example along a flight of stairs.

A low cost variant of a moisture sensor (click here) could be used for cellar or basement flood protection or warning.

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