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Industrial electronics manufacturing, wave soldering

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Industrial electronics manufacturing, is an increasingly automated area of industry whether at the components manufacturing or sub assemblies or final assembly. Within this environment capacitive sensors provide solutions to many sensing applications.

Liquid level detection where corrosive liquids are in use.

In component manufacturing including the manufacturing of silicone based electronic components, many corrosive liquids are used whose levels must be detected. Capacitive sensors with their ability to detect liquid presence through the wall, are an ideal solution.

Wave solder height:

Through hole electronic components remain in volume use despite miniaturisation of SMD items. Assembly techniques have been affected by various regulations on workplace safety including the use of lead free solder. Through hole components are typically automatically affixed to circuit boards by passing the assembled circuit board over a wave solder machine, on which the quality of the solder joint is in large part dependent on the consistency, temperature and height of the wave of solder through which the circuit board is conveyed.

Sensatech have developed a sensor for accurate height detection of the solder wave, click here for more details.

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Industrial electronics manufacturing, wave soldering

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